URSA Product Suite

Decision Support is the leader in data access and reporting software solutions for the Unisys MCP environments.  Our URSA Software Product Suite (URSA infoSuite) is a traditional Windows-based graphical reporting solution that is particularly well-suited for high-volume, centralized, institutional reporting needs.  It offers a powerful interface to Unisys MCP operating system databases with numerous output formatting options.  URSA infoSuite can access a variety of additional databases on disparate systems, to provide complete enterprise data access.  It provides the power of a robust scripting language (DARGAL) for programmers and developers.  It also allows you to use a Windows-based, user-friendly interface (URSA) or UniStar, an ODBC driver that lets you use applications like Access, Excel, Visual Basic and many more.  In addition, the URSA infoSuite provides centralized administration and a data repository -- you maintain one set of tables for the various URSA infoSuite components, the maintenance of which can be automated.  The URSA Admin program is a Windows-based, graphical tool that allows adminstration to customize individual views of data for each user.

The following white papers provide additional information on the URSA infoSuite:

Our latest addition to the URSA infoSuite is URSA Major, a powerful integration technology that allows URSA users to develop insightful dashboards, graphs and charts in Excel, based on data exported from the Unisys mainframe.  In addition, the latest data available from the Unisys mainframe can be accessed and refreshed directly from Excel.  An URSA Major Product Brief provides additional information on this powerful new addition to the proven performance and reliability of the URSA infoSuite.