DQ Product Suite

The DQ Product Suite (DQpowersuite) includes DQbroker (for Distributed Query Broker), a powerful data integration engine that automatically recognizes different data types, and natively accesses and processes data for queries that require disparate information. Whether it’s relational databases, flat files, mainframe systems, or Excel spreadsheets, DQbroker makes all of your data appear as though it is in one relational database.  In conjunction with DQadmin, different views of enterprise data can be created and customized for different end-user applications, so that the application can look at one data view through DQbroker, but still access multiple data sources simultaneously in real-time.  DQadmin provides security for individual data sources and fields either by logon id or workgroup for customized access to information.  DQview is an easy to use plug-in for Excel, which allows end-users to build their own views and create Excel reports with real-time information.  DQvista is a web-based reporting tool used to create portals and browser-based reporting interfaces.

The following white papers provide additional information on the DQpowersuite: