Metagon Reporter - Product Overview

Power with Simplicity

Metagon Reporter is the ad-hoc Business Intelligence query and reporting tool that allows non-IT people in small to mid-sized companies to turn their data into actionable information. It allows anyone in the firm to create their own reports quickly and economically, without requiring IT support, training, or professional consulting. It meets the needs of both “power” analysts and of decision-makers at all levels who simply need timely information presented in a meaningful way. 

Those who need to create new reports will find the ease of use of Metagon Reporter Designer to be deceptive, since there is power and flexibility for all but the most complex requirements. Metagon Reporting Scorecard, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for those who simply want to run pre-designed reports, knowing that the data will always be current, and that they can customize the reports with a single click if desired.


The following white papers provide additional information on Metagon Reporter: